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Strong R&D team

The company has more than 300 employees, and has two modern production plants in Shandong and Zhejiang. It has also established Zhejiang Special Vehicle Research Institute with the post-doctoral team of engineering machinery of Zhejiang University, including 5 senior technicians and 30 professional technicians.


More than 300 employees

(2 modern factories)

(more than 30 professional technicians)

Through the five core systems of PLM, ERP, CRM, SCM and MES, the whole process of workshop equipment, production, personnel, quality, materials, environment and other aspects of intelligent, green and information management. Achieve digitalization of manufacturing resources, digitization of production processes, digitization of on-site operation, digitization of quality control, digitization of material management and control, visualization of production schedule, real-time data collection, paperless production management, and lean goal of production logistics.

Keyu intelligent modern factory

Keyu Intelligent Production System

Advanced production equipment

Automated production line

Robot spraying

workshop corner

workshop corner