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Unsettled | October 14th, the new car launch conference

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As a powerful enterprise in the southwestern caravan of Lu, the love car has developed rapidly in the past two years.
As a powerful enterprise in the southwestern caravan of Lu, the love car has developed rapidly in the past two years. The growth of the company is also obvious to all, and it has also been recognized by the industry!
According to industry analysts, the rapid development of beloved, on the one hand, that enterprises pay attention to product quality, can think about problem solving from the perspective of dealers, and a more important reason is that this company attaches importance to the research and development of new products!
By continuously introducing new products to the market, the beloved dealers can grasp the pricing power in the terminal market, and the impact of the price war can be avoided, and the manufacturers form a benign cycle.
Recently, Xiao Bian learned from the staff of the car-friendly electric car that the beloved electric car has developed a series of new products, and will hold a golden autumn new product launch conference in Qufu, a famous historical and cultural city in China, on October 14-15.
It is reported that the beloved new product launch is not a simple business meeting! According to the person in charge of the meeting, during the meeting, the organizers will invite participants to visit the Confucius Temple in Confucius and experience the traditional Confucian culture with many partners!
According to some industry analysts, there is an old saying in China that is called Cangjie and knowing etiquette. After a period of rapid development, the beloved has begun to stabilize the mindset and is committed to the creation of corporate culture, and this corporate culture is to The system of love and love, the transformation of Confucian merchants.
It is understood that most of the beloved some of the cooperative dealers and some of the intentional partners in the blank area have received invitations from the company!
October 14-15, 2018, the Holy City Qufu, loved to have a date! A wonderful collision between modern technology and traditional culture is about to begin.